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Riding the Ranger

Our friend Aileen headed out to Bali to start her round-the-world bike trip. But first, she needed to test ride her newly built bike and her 8111 Iron Ranger boots that she picked up in our Berlin store. Check out these sweet pics of Aileen testing her gear:

Like what you see? Then we highly recommend following Aileen’s MotoQuest online!
Instagram: @themotoquest

If you want to take a closer look at Aileen’s Iron Ranger boots, feel free to drop by one of our stores in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich or check them out in our webshop:

Now in Store: The Heritage Post No 9!

The new issue of the Heritage Post is now available in our stores in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Come by and get your copy today!

Tanner Goods-handmade in Portland, Oregon

American workmanship at its best! We just restocked our selection of Tanner Goods leather accessories and boy are they nice: the utility bifold, cardholder and workman wallet with matching tether in black, rich moc and Chicago tan leather are now available in our stores in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

With an eye for clean design and true to traditional craftsmanship, Portland based Tanner Goods make leather accessories that are perfect for everyday use. The workman wallet with matching tether is now available in our stores in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Needless to say, these beautiful wallets go just great with a pair of 9013 Beckman.

Perfect for carrying your everyday essentials: the Tanner Goods cardholder fits about half a dozen cards and leaves some room for a couple of business cards as well. Available in black, rich moc and Chicago tan leather, you can pick them up in our Berlin, Hamburg and Munich stores.

The Moto Quest - Let your passion be your compass



Aileen in the saddle. Incidentally, this picture was taken on the same day she picked up her boots from our Berlin Store. Photo by David Biene Fotografie (


The 8111 Iron Ranger Boots

Today, we would like you to meet Aileen. Originally from Potsdam, Germany but having lived in Australia for the past five years, she came to our Berlin Store in search of a pair of motorcycle boots in January. When Aileen walked into our store, we had no idea what an adventure she was about to embark on.

Looking for a boot that is as tough as life on the road, Aileen picked up a pair of 8111 Iron Rangers and told us that she was about to set out on a very special journey. Being a passionate motorcyclist, she had decided to go on a world-spanning trip on her bike in order to escape her regular life. The simple idea is to leave everything behind and to go on a journey to free body and soul, to breathe in the freedom of the open road and to meet interesting and like-minded people all over the world.

Captivated by her idea, we decided to support Aileen on her journey which is going to start off in Indonesia in early April and continue to Vietnam and the United States after that.

As Aileen’s Moto Quest website was launched last night, you can read her official press release below.


One Woman. Two Wheels. Four Corners.

The Moto Quest is a story about me, Aileen, traveling the world by motorbike.

There’s an aspect of this journey that makes it almost impossible – that’s why I’m doing it. Because I don’t know if I can. I want to experience the ability of my spirit to overcome physical boundaries and what others say cannot be done.

Along my moto adventure on this website I will share with you, how I keep my body and soul healthy, what I am learning and how I am looking for magic in even some of the toughest situations.
I am very nervous, uncertain and challenged by what I’m daring to take on. But I am also incredibly excited. I can’t even begin to imagine what’s ahead of me!”

To follow Aileen on her journey and to stay updated on her Moto Quest project, feel free to check and like all of the following links.

We would like to wish Aileen save travels on this journey of a lifetime and we’re looking forward to hearing your stories from the road!

Feel free to stop by one of our stores to take a closer look at the boots that Aileen picked for her adventure or check out the 8111 Iron Ranger in our webshop.

New Spring Arrivals!

The wait is finally over! Our latest entry for the warmer days finally hit the stores: the Foreman!

Advertised as a shoe for work and play, the original Red Wing work oxfords were a perfect mix of professionalism and sturdy durability. Crafted with three roughout leathers on a Neoprene Cushion outsole, the Foreman continues to build on that oxford legacy of sleek dependability. Great for on the job or on the town, this sharp style is a timeless classic.

Available at our Stores in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and  Web shop.

Real Boot Talk in London!

Those were the Days

It’s been a while but we can’t get around posting another great set of workwear related vintage pics of our very dear friend Matt Strickland. Check out his highly recommended blog Rivet Head, always a good read!

Good News!

Additional to all the bloggers activities we have 3 Postman bags made of canvas to be given to the first 3 Postman customers.
The bags are strictly limited and with Red Wing leather straps and a leather patch with the Postman history written inside.
A true collectors item as you won’t be able to buy those bags anywhere.
Good news by the new Postman.

Stetson - How they are made in the USA

Good Times in Pasadena

The last part of our californian journey took us to Rising Sun Jeans, Pasadena. It’s a small company with a high output of americana style jeans, shirts, jackets and lot’s of other stuff of outstanding quality, all handsewn inhouse. Each year at Inspiration weekend proprietor Mike Hodis and his great staff are holding a party after Rosebowl fleamarket. A last coming together of locals and people from all over the world ( and some really cool cars! ) to celebrate the end of gorgeous weekend. Good times we had, indeed!














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